BONKRAFT plant offers waste disposal equipment

BONKRAFT is a modern fast-developing company involved in the field of metalworking, industrial and production equipment, and environment protection.
The company is focused on development and manufacture of disposal equipment. Owing to our experience of many years, we have reached the quality targets by improving the manufacturing process and providing the production facility with high-quality materials.

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Waste Disposal Equipment

Cremators, incinerators, organic and biological waste disposal units

Disposal equipment by Bonkraft is environment-oriented, efficient, and cost-saving solution for disposal of biological and industrial waste. The units are divided into cremators and incinerators. They differ mainly in type of the disposed waste. Incinerators are suitable for thermal destruction of various types of waste, such as dead animals, slaughter-house tankage, meat-packing factories’ waste, solid domestic waste, and medical wastes. The disposal units are accordingly distinguished by the charging rate and combustion capacity.

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    RF State Environmental Expert Review opinion

    Our incinerators are supported by favourable opinion of the State Environmental Expert Review! This ensures strict compliance with waste neutralization laws and regulations as well as prevention of the environmental impact.

    NAKS Certification

    Our production facility is certified by NAKS (National Agency of Welding Control). The obtained certificate verifies the welders' proficiency; therefore, we guarantee high-quality welding, strict compliance with process standards and regulations when producing cremators, incinerators, and other equipment.

    ISO Certificate

    The enterprise completed voluntary certification of the Quality Management System. ISO certificate verifies that Bonkraft plant places high-quality goods and products on the market.

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