Corporate Environmental Policy

Bonkraft has an increased focus on environment protection; therefore, all our developments underwent State Environmental Expert Review (SEER) and have relevant ISO certificates.

You can be sure that our cremators and incinerators:

  • are built in compliance with all environmental standards and regulations;
  • ensure waste and flue-gas neutralization;
  • comply with up-to-date requirements. Our experts keep track of the latest developments in processing industry and implement modifications to the equipment design; and
  • undergo practical evaluation with respect to emissions at the customers’ sites on a regular basis.

Unmatched Advantages of Waste Thermal Destruction and Disposal

Dramatically reduce the amount of waste. The units are able to reduce the amount of waste by 95 % and decrease quantity of solid waste by 80 to 85 %, depending on its components. It helps address the challenges related to landfills and protect our planet.

Reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. Landfills generate large amounts of greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides, dioxins, hydrocarbons, and non-methane organic carbons. Toxic chemicals might make their way into groundwater, while the soil loses its fertility for many years to come. Waste incineration is an environment-oriented alternative to landfills.

Reduce carbon footprint. You mostly don’t have to transport waste to landfills. Even if you do, the frequency drops by a factor of 10. Moreover, the amount of exhaust gases reduces as well.

Reduce methane emission. Landfills generate methane that, if not collected, gets to the atmosphere, causing further global warming. It doesn’t happen when waste is incinerated.

Monitoring of biological threat. Waste is incinerated in the units under such temperatures that destroy micro germs and harmful chemicals. It is one of the most efficient disposal methods for medical waste, pesticides, herbicides, and other hazardous waste.

Save resources. The units can be improved so as to use energy to generate heat and electricity sufficient to heat a house, a farm, or an enterprise.

Spare funds. Waste is hardly ever transported free of charge. You can install the unit near the house and spare the funds for waste transportation.

Autonomous operation. The units operate under any weather conditions and require no additional resources. Landfill waste is washed out during the raining season, whereas no power supply might get you thinking about safe waste disposal.

As mentioned above, incinerators and cremators are more environmentally-friendly waste disposal methods. They are a good solution for waste disposal for any enterprise, which allows you to get to a whole new production- and safety-related level.

Our catalogue offers our own-produced best-quality fairly-priced incinerators and cremators.

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