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  • Nominal volume, m3: 20
  • Diameter, mm: 2400
  • Length, mm: 4850

UV-20 – Underground tank is manufactured according to individual technical specifications with a volume of 20 m3. The number of necks and other characteristics depend on customer requirements. The container is suitable for the working environment: domestic, industrial, rainwater, light and dark petroleum products (including with water), oil, oil, condensate, commercial, artesian (fresh), make-up water.

Service life – 20 years.

To protect the internal and external surfaces of the container from destructive external influences and the effects of the working environment, the containers are coated with an anti-corrosion coating that is highly water- and petrol-resistant, as well as industrial epoxy-based paints and varnishes with UV protection. Coatings provide resistance in aggressive environments, resistance to heat, chemical and mechanical stress, long-term corrosion protection, and high abrasion resistance.

The design and coating of capacitive equipment can be changed at the customer’s request.

  • Model: UV-20
  • Nominal volume, m3: 20
  • Diameter, mm: 2400
  • Length, mm: 4850
  • Weight, kg (no more): 4550
  • Pipe extension, mm: from 950
  • Internal design pressure, MPa: 0,05
  • Density of working medium, kg/m3: no more than 1300
  • Steel: Ст.09Г2С

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