Ship Incinerator IU-S-30

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  • Charging rate, kg: 30
  • Combustion-chamber volume, m3: 0.16
  • Capacity, kg/h: 50 to 70

The IU-S-30 is a ship incinerator for disposal of solid wastes generated as a result of ship operation, such as domestic wastes, cargo-related wastes, wastes from maintenance, operational wastes, cargo residues, fishing gear, food waste, etc. The incinerator furnace runs on diesel fuel. The plant fully complies with the RF environmental requirements and has the IMO’s type approval certificate for ship incinerators with a capacity of up to 1,500 kW.

  • Model: IU-S-30
  • Charging rate, kg: 30
  • Dimensions, mm: 1,800x1,490x4,220
  • Transportation dimensions, mm: 980x1,025x1,780
  • Dimensions of charging door, mm: 320х820
  • Fuel: diesel fuel
  • Diesel fuel, l/h: up to 6
  • Weight, kg: 2,200
  • Combustion-chamber volume, m3: 0.16
  • Combustion temperature, °С: 850 to 900
  • Number of burners, pcs: 1
  • Capacity, kg/h: 50 to 70
  • Power consumption, V/A/Hz: 220/10/50
  • Lining layer: available
  • Control: available
  • Maximum capacity: 30

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