Incinerator Uragan-1000

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  • Combustion-chamber volume, m3: 14.1
  • Capacity, kg/h: 1,000

The trailer-based Incinerator Uragan-1000 is high-performance equipment for burning (thermal destruction) of wastes of various kinds. It can be used for disposal of solid domestic waste, biological wastes (animal corpses, slaughter-house tankage, meat-packing factories’ waste), and medical wastes. It can be partially used for combustion of oil sludge. Its combustion capacity is up to 1,000 kg of waste an hour. The available options include a PLS controller, a fuel tank, and a diesel/petrol generating set. It is provided with the automatic control system.

The warranty period is 1 year.

  • Model: Uragan-1000
  • External dimensions, mm: 11,250x2,760x5,525
  • Transportation dimensions, mm: 5,530x2,400x2,500; 6,000x2,400x2,400; 1,650x800x800; 1,650x800x800
  • Dimensions of charging door, mm: 4,686x1,745
  • Combustion-chamber volume, m3: 14.1
  • Number of fans, pcs: 7
  • Capacity, kg/h: 1,000
  • Afterburner: 5.3
  • Unit weight, kg: 24,000
  • Door opening: horizontal
  • Cover opening: winch
  • Combustion chamber lining material: concrete
  • Afterburner type: stand-alone
  • Afterburner lining material: fire-retardant fibre modules
  • Heat-insulating blanket between metal and lining layer of the combustion chamber: 50 mm
  • Burner control panel: fixed
  • Lamborghini burners, quantity and type, combustion chamber (diesel/gas): 3-(ECO-15/EM-18), 1-(ECO-15/EM-18)
  • Ecoflam burners, quantity and type, combustion chamber (diesel/gas): 3-(MAX 15/MAX GAS170), 1-(MAX 15/MAX GAS170)
  • Grates: concrete
  • Painting : heat-resisting enamel
  • Afterburner volume, m3: 11

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